Cleo & Cuquin

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Cleo & Cuquin
serija, 2018.–

Broj dostupnih sezona: 2
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 78
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Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Stereo
Dodano 28. travnja 2020.

Dostupno još 2 godine.


Spirited sister-brother duo Cleo and Cuquín try on different professions each day to help their other siblings solve problems and enjoy new adventures.

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1. sezona

1The Premiere
3Driving Pelusin
4Hiccup Monsters
5Double Plié
6Elementary Dear Colitas
7Magic Cleo
8The Championship
9The Flower
10Flying Tooth
11A Day at the Beach
12Meteor Shower
13Power Up
14Pijama's Party
16My Little Big Band
17Gym Challenge
18Ghost Love
19Colita's Bee Day
20Tete's Project
21The Ball
22The First Day of Spring
23Happy Birthday
24Learning to Ride
25The Big Game
26Trapped by the Flowers
27The Accident
28Afternoon TV
29Out on a Limb
30Christmas Day
31The Vegetable Mystery
32The Race
33The Big Freeze
34Toy Er
35Off to School
37Juice, Please!!
38The Photo Album
39The Secret is in the Sauce
40Sea Adventure
41Anyone Can Draw
43She Knight!
44Everyone vs Cleo
45A Halloween Nightmare
46Little Paper Planes
47The Legend of Captain Claw
48Pool Party
49Cops and Robbers
50Watering Day
51Flute Age
52Here Comes the Wolf!

2. sezona

1The Spaceship
2Snowy Search
4The EggGB
5The Video GameGB
6Goals On IceGB
7Arctic ArchitectureGB
8Cleo's CircusGB
9Vacation TimeGB
10Evening AdventureGB
11Tree House TLCGB
12A Spacetastic BirthdayGB
13Tete's GlassesGB
14Odín's Giant EggGB
15Ghoul SchoolGB
16A Gigantic WorldGB
17A New FriendGB
18Hidden TreasuresGB
19Winter GamesGB
20The Mystery of the ShedGB
21Save the Forest!GB
22The DanceGB
23A Picnic by the LakeGB
24Say CheeseGB
25Big Foot's Big ItchGB
26The BlackoutGB