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serija, 2017.–

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Dodano 12. listopada 2017.

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The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune -- and their children -- in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap.

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1. sezona

1I Hardly Recognized YouGBIT
2Spit It OutGBIT
3Guilt is for Insecure PeopleGBIT
4Private As A CircusGBIT
5Company SlutGBIT
6I Only Exist For MeGBIT
7A Taste of Your Own MedicineGBIT
8The Best Things In LifeGBIT
9Rotten ThingsGBIT
10A Well Dressed TarantulaGBIT
11I Answer To No ManGBIT
12Promises You Can’t KeepGBIT
13Nothing But TroubleGBIT
14The Gospel According to Blake CarringtonGBIT
15Our Turn NowGBIT
16Poor Little Rich GirlGBIT
17Enter AlexisGBIT
18Don’t Con a Con ArtistGBIT
19Use or be UsedGBIT
20A Line from the PastGBIT
21Trashy Little TrampGBIT
22Dead ScratchGBIT

2. sezona

1Twenty-Three SkidooGBIT
2Ship of VipersGBIT
3The Butler Did ItGBIT
4Snowflakes in HellGBIT
5Queen of CupsGBIT
6That WitchGBIT
7A Temporary InfestationGBIT
8A Real Instinct for the JugularGBIT
9Crazy LadyGBIT
10A Champagne MoodGBIT
11The Sight of YouGBIT
12Filthy GamesGBIT
13Even Worms Can ProcreateGBIT
14Parisian Legend Has It…GBIT
15Motherly OverprotectivenessGBIT
16Miserably Ungrateful MenGBIT
17How Two-Faced Can You Get?GBIT
18Life Is a Masquerade PartyGBIT
19This Illness of MineGBIT
20New Lady in TownGBIT
21Thicker Than MoneyGBIT
22Deception, Jealousy and LiesGBIT

3. sezona

1Guilt Trip to AlaskaGBIT
2Caution Never Won a WarGBIT
3Wild Ghost ChaseGBIT
4Something DesperateGBIT
5Mother? I'm at La MirageGBIT
6A Used Up MemoryGBIT
7Shoot from the HipGBIT
8The Sensational Blake Carrington TrialGBIT
9The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not BurnedGBIT
10What Sorrows Are You Drowning?GBIT
11A Wound That May Never HealGBIT
12Battle LinesGBIT
13You See Most Things in Terms of Black and WhiteGBIT
14That Wicked StepmotherGBIT
15Up a TreeGBIT
16Is the Next Surgery on the House?GBIT
17She Cancelled …GBIT
18You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something BadGBIT
19Robin Hood RescuesGBIT
20My Hangover's ArrivedGBIT