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thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Family Guy
serija, 1999.–

Broj dostupnih sezona: 4
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 79
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Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Surround (5.1)
Dodano 1. siječnja 2019.

Dostupno još preko godinu dana.


In Seth MacFarlane's no-holds-barred animated show, buffoonish Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family experience wacky misadventures.

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13. sezona

1The Simpsons Guy: Part 1GB
2The Simpsons Guy: Part 2GB
3Book of JoeGB
4Baking BadGB
5Brian the CloserGB
6Turkey GuysGB
7The 2000-Year-Old VirginGB
8Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent AdventureGB
9Our Idiot BrianGB
10This Little PiggyGB
11Quagmire's MomGB
12Encyclopedia GriffinGB
13Stewie Is EnceinteGB
14Dr. C & the WomenGB
16Once BittenGB
17Roasted GuyGB
18Fighting IrishGB
19Take My WifeGB

14. sezona

1Pilling Them SoftlyGB
2Papa Has a Rollin' SonGB
3Guy, RobotGB
4Peternormal ActivityGB
5Peter, Chris & BrianGB
6Peter's SisterGB
7Hot Pocket-DialGB
8Brokeback SwansonGB
9A Shot in the DarkGB
10Candy, Quahog MarshmallowGB
11The Peanut Butter KidGB
12Scammed YankeesGB
13An App a DayGB
14Underage PeterGB
15A Lot Going on UpstairsGB
16The Heartbreak DogGB
17Take a LetterGB
18The New Adventures of Old TomGB
19Run, Chris, RunGB
20Road to IndiaGB

15. sezona

1The Boys in the BandGB
2Bookie of the YearGB
3American Gigg-OloGB
4Inside Family GuyGB
5Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, DateGB
6Hot ShotsGB
7High School EnglishGB
8Carter and TriciaGB
9How the Griffin Stole ChristmasGB
10Passenger Fatty-SevenGB
12Peter's Def JamGB
13The Finer StringsGB
14The Dating GameGB
15Cop and a Half-WitGB
16Saturated Fat GuyGB
17Peter's Lost YouthGB
18The Peter PrincipalGB
19Dearly DeportedGB
20A House Full of PetersGB

16. sezona

1Emmy-Winning EpisodeGB
2Foxx in the Men HouseGB
3Nanny GoatsGB
4Follow the MoneyGB
5Three DirectorsGB
6The D in Apartment 23GB
7Petey IVGB
8Crimes and Meg's DemeanorGB
9Don't Be a Dickens at ChristmasGB
10Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)GB
11Dog Bites BearGB
12Send in Stewie, PleaseGB
13V Is for MysteryGB
14Veteran GuyGB
15The Woof of Wall StreetGB
16"Family Guy" Through the YearsGB
17Switch the FlipGB
19The Unkindest CutGB
20Are You There God? It's Me, PeterGB