thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Gormiti
serija, 2018.–

Broj dostupnih sezona: 2
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 52
Hrvatski podslovi
Hrvatski audio
Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Stereo
Dodano 1. prosinca 2019.

Dostupno još preko godinu dana.


Four friends become guardians of the island Gorm and must harness powers of the elements to stop an evil lord and his army from ruling the kingdom.

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1. sezona

1The One TowerGB
2Training Day
3Bend the RulesGB
4Tower Rising
5Go with the FlowGB
6Wind of ChangeGB
7The TournamentGB
8Hyperbeasts Go!GB
9Dark StormGB
10Sixty Feet UnderGB
11Deep FreezeGB
12Defender of the IceGB
13Tiny TroubleGB
14The Stone of DeceptionGB
15Haunted HeraldsGB
16All for OneGB
17Dangerous ComboGB
18Roaring RiotGB
20A Slice of Thin AirGB
22Tower DefenseGB
23The Way of the FireGB
24King RiffGB
25The Battle for the Elestar (Part 1)GB
26The Battle for the Elestar (Part 2)GB

2. sezona

1Dawn of the Meka - Part One
2Dawn of the Meka - Part Two
3The First Beacon
5Deep Trouble
6Solid as a Rock
7Rockies United
8Brain vs Brawn
9Fire and Fear
10A Blast of Hot Air
11Riff under Fire
12Surrounded by Evil
13Voidus Rising
14Gorm with the Wind
15Wind Wiped!
16Out of Order
17The Windy Way
18Catch the Wind
19Cold as Ice
20The Final Curse
21Portals of Chaos
22No Laughing Matter
23Alone Together
24The Dark Fortress - Part One
25The Dark Fortress - Part Two
26The Dark Fortress - Part Three