Petit Ours Brun

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Petit ours brun
serija, 1988.

Broj dostupnih sezona: 1
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 52
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Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Stereo
Dodano 1. kolovoza 2020.

Dostupno još 2 godine.


With his favorite playmate by his side, fun-seeking Little Brown Bear discovers a whole new world every day, bursting with thrills and excitement.

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1. sezona

1The Taste of Strawberries
2The Postcard
3Mission Bread
4Thumbs up
5A Present for Nanny
6One Maraca for Two
7Mr Elfie's Cousin
8A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
9Goodnight, My Stars
10Where Are You, Kitty Kat ?
11A Treat for Little Birdies
12The Red String
13Pudding, The Toy Bunny
14A Little Piece of Winter
15Sweet Dreams, Mr Elfie
16Painting Daddy Bear's Van
17Pretty Bubbles in the Air
18Not Afraid of the Dark
19The Flying Drawing
20It's Magic
21A Christmas Tree For Little Brown Bear
22Glad To Meet You, Mr. Toad
23The Little Airplane
24A New Home For An Old Toy
25Little Brown Bear Wants To Be Big
26Little Brown Bear Rides A Bike
27Mommy Bear Goes on a Trip
28The Fishing Trip
29Get Well Soon, Little Brown Bear
30Little Brown Bear Says “NO”
31The Buzzing Bee
32Time For A Nap
33The Snow Bears
34The Baby Brother
35In Daddy Bear's Shoes
36It's Time To Wash Up, Little Brown Bear
37Collecting Autumn Leaves
38A Sore Sport
39A Scary Scarecrow
40A Hand-Me-Down Sweater
41Little Pearl Bear
42A Playdate With a Friend
43The King’s Pie
44Little Brown Bear At The Farm
45The Little Cart
46A Costume for Little Brown Bear
47The Treasure Box
48An Imaginary Friend
49The Lost Puppy Dog
50Waiting Is Not Easy!
51A Little Accident
52Let’s Pretend!