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thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Star Trek
serija, 1966.

Broj dostupnih sezona: 3
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 80

Hrvatska sinkronizacija
Jezici zvuka: engleski (izvorni), talijanski

Hrvatski titlovi
Ostali titlovi: engleski, talijanski

Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Surround (5.1)

Dodano: 1. srpnja 2016.

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Led by unflappable Capt. Kirk, the crew of the starship Enterprise delves deep into the far reaches of space to explore new worlds and civilizations.

Žanrovi: izvanzemaljski sf, američke serije, futuristički sf

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1. sezona

1Pilot: The CageENIT
2The Man TrapENIT
3Charlie XENIT
4Where No Man Has Gone BeforeENIT
5The Naked TimeENIT
6The Enemy WithinENIT
7Mudd's WomenENIT
8What Are Little Girls Made Of?ENIT
10Dagger of the MindENIT
11The Corbomite ManeuverENIT
12The Menagerie: Part 1ENIT
13The Menagerie: Part 2ENIT
14The Conscience of the KingENIT
15Balance of TerrorENIT
16Shore LeaveENIT
17The Galileo SevenENIT
18The Squire of GothosENIT
20Tomorrow Is YesterdayENIT
21Court MartialENIT
22The Return of the ArchonsENIT
23Space SeedENIT
24A Taste of ArmageddonENIT
25This Side of ParadiseENIT
26The Devil in the DarkENIT
27Errand of MercyENIT
28The Alternative FactorENIT
29The City on the Edge of ForeverENIT
30Operation: Annihilate!ENIT

2. sezona

1Amok TimeENIT
2Who Mourns for Adonais?ENIT
3The ChangelingENIT
4Mirror, MirrorENIT
5The AppleENIT
6The Doomsday MachineENIT
8I, MuddENIT
10Journey to BabelENIT
11Friday's ChildENIT
12The Deadly YearsENIT
14Wolf in the FoldENIT
15The Trouble with TribblesENIT
16The Gamesters of TriskelionENIT
17A Piece of the ActionENIT
18The Immunity SyndromeENIT
19A Private Little WarENIT
20Return to TomorrowENIT
21Patterns of ForceENIT
22By Any Other NameENIT
23The Omega GloryENIT
24The Ultimate ComputerENIT
25Bread and CircusesENIT
26Assignment: EarthENIT

3. sezona

1Spock's BrainENIT
2The Enterprise IncidentENIT
3The Paradise SyndromeENIT
4And the Children Shall LeadENIT
5Is There In Truth No Beauty?ENIT
6Spectre of the GunENIT
7Day of the DoveENIT
8For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyENIT
9The Tholian WebENIT
10Plato's StepchildrenENIT
11Wink of an EyeENIT
12The EmpathENIT
13Elaan of TroyiusENIT
14Whom Gods DestroyENIT
15Let That Be Your Last BattlefieldENIT
16The Mark of GideonENIT
17That Which SurvivesENIT
18The Lights of ZetarENIT
19Requiem for MethuselahENIT
20The Way to EdenENIT
21The Cloud MindersENIT
22The Savage CurtainENIT
23All Our YesterdaysENIT
24Turnabout IntruderENIT