thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Two Men in Suits
serija, 2018.

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Dodano 1. prosinca 2019.

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A renowned corporate attorney at a prestigious firm gambles on a dropout with a photographic memory but no law degree to help on high-stakes cases.

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1. sezona

1What determines the destiny is not a chance, but a choice.GB
2If you get a chance to cast the dice, just do it. Once you do it, you get at least one step forward.GB
3There is always a dark side behind the mask of truth. And that is why...GB
4Just because the truth is coming out, it does not necessary mean that you will win.GB
5To capture a hyena, carrion has to be used as bait.GB
6The water a cow drinks turns to milk, the water a snake drinks turns to poison.GB
7Is a sheath truly unnecessary for a knife called justice?GB
8Justice is giving back everyone what they rightfully deserve.GB
9You can't go back in time and start over again, but you can still aim for a new ending starting from now.GB
10You can prove your worth by showing the kind of risk you are willing to take.GB
11If you wish to swallow a demon, you must swallow its horns too.GB
12If you have blind faith about your ideals, you'll be betrayed by the reality.GB
13The moment you fly up with wings called lies, you will not be landing.GB
14The best way to keep a secret is not telling it to anyone.GB
15When you lose your destination, look back on the path that you've walked thus far.GB
16Life will not tell you where the destination is.GB