AJIN: Demi-Human

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: 亜人
serija, 2016.

Broj dostupnih sezona: 2
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 26

Hrvatska sinkronizacija
Jezici zvuka: japanski (izvorni), engleski

Hrvatski titlovi
Ostali titlovi: engleski, talijanski

Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Surround (5.1)

Dodano: 19. siječnja 2016.

Dostupno još 4 godine.


A teenager discovers that he is an Ajin and flees before the authorities experiment on him. Other Ajin plan to fight back and he must choose a side.

Žanrovi: akcijski anime, sf anime, anime serije, japanske serije, serije snimljene prema mangama

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1. sezona

1What's that stuff have to do with us?ENIT
2Why is this happening? Why me….ENIT
3Maybe this is the end?ENIT
4Have you ever seen a black ghost?ENIT
5But when it comes down to it, you still want them to help you... You’re the worst kind of trash…ENIT
6I'm gonna kill you tooENIT
7I swear I'll cover the whole thing upENIT
8Brace yourselvesENIT
9Wait, let's talk it overENIT
10They start to decay as soon as they're createdENIT
11It's show timeENIT
12Whew, I'm beatENIT
13Sato, it’s all your fault!ENIT

2. sezona

1I’m getting sick of thisENIT
2I'm surrounded by idiotsENIT
3But I’m always scaredENIT
4They make me sickENIT
5Kuro, please…ENIT
6Must be tough being a lapdogENIT
7Kuro, just once more, please!ENIT
8This Country Is Going to Get a Little UnsettledENIT
9You’re the one messing up my life!ENIT
10I won't do itENIT
11At This Rate… It Really Will Be War!ENIT
12But that makes it interesting, so whateverENIT
13I’ll make you a promise too, Mr. SatoENIT