Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: 鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST
serija, 2009.

Broj dostupnih sezona: 5
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 64

Hrvatska sinkronizacija
Jezici zvuka: japanski (izvorni), engleski

Hrvatski titlovi
Ostali titlovi: engleski, talijanski

Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Stereo

Dodano: 1. siječnja 2018.

Dostupno još 6 mjeseci.


After both suffer physical damage -- brothers Edward and Alphonse battle nefarious forces to try to reclaim their bodies in this supernatural anime.

Žanrovi: akcijski anime, anime serije, fantasy anime, japanske serije, serije snimljene prema mangama

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1. sezona

1Fullmetal AlchemistENIT
2The First DayENIT
3City of HeresyENIT
4An Alchemist's AnguishENIT
5Rain of SorrowsENIT
6Road of HopeENIT
7Hidden TruthsENIT
8The Fifth LaboratoryENIT
9Created FeelingsENIT
10Separate DestinationsENIT
11Miracle at Rush ValleyENIT
12One is All, All is OneENIT
13Beasts of DublithENIT

2. sezona

1Those Who Lurk UndergroundENIT
2Envoy from the EastENIT
3Footsteps of a Comrade-in-ArmsENIT
4Cold FlameENIT
5The Arrogant Palm of a Small HumanENIT
6Death of the UndyingENIT
7Father Before the GraveENIT
8Advance of the FoolENIT
9Backs in the DistanceENIT
10Girl on the BattlefieldENIT
11Inside the BellyENIT
12Doorway of DarknessENIT

3. sezona

1Interlude PartyENIT
3Struggle of the FoolENIT
4The Ishvalan War of ExterminationENIT
5The 520 Cens PromiseENIT
6The Fuhrer's SonENIT
7The Northern Wall of BriggsENIT
8Ice QueenENIT
9The Shape of This CountryENIT
10Family PortraitENIT
11The First HomunculusENIT
12Conflict at BaschoolENIT

4. sezona

1The Dwarf in the FlaskENIT
2The AbyssENIT
3Signs of a Counter OffensiveENIT
4Bite of the AntENIT
5Revving at Full-throttleENIT
6The Promised DayENIT
7Looming ShadowsENIT
8Emissary of DarknessENIT
9The Oath in the TunnelENIT
10Filial AffectionENIT
11Upheaval in CentralENIT
12The Immortal LegionENIT
13Combined StrengthENIT

5. sezona

1Flame of VengeanceENIT
2Beyond the InfernoENIT
3The Adults' Way of LifeENIT
4The Return of the FuhrerENIT
5Eternal LeaveENIT
7Lost LightENIT
8Eye of Heaven, Gateway of EarthENIT
9He Who Would Swallow GodENIT
10A Fierce CounterattackENIT
11The Other Side of the GatewayENIT
12Journey's EndENIT