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serija, 2019.–

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Dodano 28. studenog 2019.

Dostupno još 9 godina.


Young Levius rises through the ranks in the brutal world of metal boxing under his uncle's guidance. Forces outside the ring have their eye on him.

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1. sezona

1All of the impact ends up hereGBIT
2Does it seem like the boy is getting on okay?GBIT
3How in the world does that thing pass as an elbow guard?GBIT
4He… He's the real thing…GBIT
5Do I look like an idiot who thinks about losing before a fight?GBIT
6She called out for my helpGBIT
7Do you remember? We met beforeGBIT
8These young geniuses… It's enough to make you sick…GBIT
9Can you make the deadline?GBIT
10It's me who's to give you that thrashing!GBIT
11The possiblility of it working is infinitely close to zero!GBIT
12It's finer than usual todayGBIT