Maya the Bee

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Die Biene Maja
serija, 2013.

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Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 39

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Jezici zvuka: engleski (izvorni)

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Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Surround (5.1)

Dodano: 26. kolovoza 2021.

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A young bee named Maya leaves her hive to discover the beauty and mysteries of nature, making new insect friends along the way.

Žanrovi: priče o životinjama, crtići, dječji program, njemačke serije, serije prema književnom predlošku

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1. sezona

1The Birth of Maya (Part 1) / The Take Off (Part 2)EN
2The Queen's Messenger / Night BloomsEN
3Willy's Bottle / Keep Ball RollingEN
4Judge Beeswax / Crack!EN
5Powder Power / Maya to the RescueEN
6No Sleep for Maya / Royal OutingEN
7The Stranger / Beware of the BearEN
8Misleading Appearances / Sleeping BeautyEN
9Philibert / Dancing with BeesEN
10Willy Moves Out / The Wild BunchEN
11Bee Clean / Flying LicenseEN
12Mrs. Hermit Beetle's Journey / No Friends for DinoEN
13Mother Courage / Cake for the QueenEN
14Hoverfly Spy / Max Has a CrushEN
15Weather on Demand / Shadow PlayEN
16Hive Jive / Ring-A Ring-A CaterpillarEN
17What a Nice Wasp / Sleepless MaxEN
18King Willy / Thekla Is in a StateEN
19The Great Pollen Robbery / Shelby's DreamEN
20The Queen Scepter / Edgar the FearlessEN
21In Search of the Lost Dung / Forbidden FruitEN
22Queen of the Solar Eclipse / Night of the GiantsEN
23Maya's Garden / Molly the MinerEN
24Barry’s Glasses / AlarmEN
25Harmony in the Meadow / Maya Commander in ChiefEN
26Sulky Willy / Dragonfly ExpressEN
27Bee Day / Willy Loses His MemoryEN
28Rainbow Pollen / Follow That EggEN
29The New Shelby / Bless You Miss CassandraEN
30On with the Show / Night FlightEN
31Queen for a Day / Henry's CabinEN
32Wings of a Champion / The Haunted HiveEN
33Thank You Wasps / The OutsiderEN
34A Flower to Share / Greedy FrogsEN
35Once upon a Slime / The Big EatEN
36The Big Bad Earwig / Willy Guards the HiveEN
37A Friend for the Oak / The Runaway BeeEN
38Doc Slick / Did I Say That?EN
39The Gift from Above / A Surprise for MayaEN